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Proper bike fit is essential for optimizing performance, efficiency, injury prevention, and comfort on the bike. Knee, hip, and lower back pain are common signs that your bike may not be fitted well for your riding position.

Alison on Retul fit bike


Basic Fit $75
1 hour time block 

  • Saddle Height Adjustment 
  • Saddle Fore/Aft Adjustment 
  • Stem Length 
  • Handlebar Height


Retul Fit $180.00
2 hour time block 

  • Saddle Height Adjustment 
  • Saddle Fore/Aft Adjustment 
  • Handlebar Width and Height 
  • Stem Length and Angle
  • Brake Hood Angle and Position 
  • Base Bar and Aero Bar Extension Adjustment 
  • Arm Pad Adjustment 
  • Cleat Placement 
  • Saddle Comfort, including opportunity to test new saddles 
  • In-depth look at angles of the knee, hip, shoulder, etc. 
  • Physical Assessment (flexibility and range of motion) 
  • Before and After measurements of your bicycle using Retul’s “Zin” handheld digitizer tool. 
  • Race-Specific Fit Tailoring (distance, needs, etc.)

Use of Retul Advanced 3D Motion Capture System for optimum power, injury resistance and comfort.

Professional cycling teams such as Quick Step Floors, Dimension Data and Team Sky use Retul 3D fitting for optimum comfort and performance.



We now have the Retul 3D motion capture system to precisely analyze a riders position while pedaling their bicycle on a trainer. All 3 planes of movement are recorded, and is therefore more accurate than any 2D video system, static fitting, sizing chart or eyeball-only fitting. A hard-copy printout and e-mailable format allows us to give the customer an exact set of dimensions and adjustment recommendations for their bicycle, old or new. Using clips and velcro, LED markers on the rider provide precise measurement of the rider's pedal stroke and overall position. A sensor bar records all rider dynamics, and produces a report that our bike fit staff can analyze and make changes to the rider's position. In a handful of cases, riders will find they are slightly asymmetrical, and our staff can find solutions to adapt the bike and/or equipment, including cleat shimming and other adjustments. Multiple "before/after" measurements are taken for precise postioning.


If you plan on a completely custom bicycle, or need to find an optimum fit before ordering a production bike in a given size, we have a Retul Muve Dynamic Fit stationary bike to aid in finding the perfect fit geometry. The saddle, handlebar (both road and TT/aero) and crankset can be precisely adjusted for a wide range of fit positions. Crankarm length can be adjusted from 165mm-185mm, making correct crank length no longer a mystery. Saddles can easily be swapped for a comfortable position. We have saddles from Bontrager, Fizik, Brooks, Cobb, Serfas, Terry, ISM and Planet Bike in stock to help find the most comfortable position possible. Many different road, triathlon, cruiser and mountain bike saddles can be found within the many brands we carry. Different sizes of road and trathlon handlebars from Bontrager, Fizik and Profile Design are available for our use during fittings, as well as different dual-control levers from Shimano and SRAM.


Please call Machinery Row Bicycles at 608-442-5974 to schedule a time that works for you. The length of the appointment will be different, depending on to fitting needs of the customer, and if the Retul 3D motion capture system is used. Please schedule a Retul fitting appointment at least two days in advance.


When arriving for you appointment, you should bring and/or wear the following items: All clothing normally worn for a ride such as padded cycling shorts (your most comfortable are the best choice), riding jersey or top, cycling shoes, gloves, a water bottle and -of course- your bicycle. A sleeveless jersey is preferred to allow the Retul motion sensors to clip correctly for best results.